Digital Fingerprint Capture - Get Criminal Record Report in one to two weeks. We will notify you within 2 days if you do not have an criminal record. Free assesment if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged.

We use digital fingerprinting technology at over 320 locations to conduct online criminal record checks. You will need to visit one of these locations to have your fingerprints taken.

Free Digital Fingerprint Capture - No Appointment Required  - Walk-In Service - 320 locations 

  • CLICK HERE - Check your nearest or most convenient Digital Fingerprint Capture partner. 
  • Attend the premises of the Digital Fingerprint Capture partner and request that your fingerprints be captured. 
  • Don't forget to bring a valid form of identification such as a South African ID, driver's license, or passport issued by any country.  
  • The process takes only 10 minutes, and no appointment is necessary. Simply request to have your fingerprints captured. Do not directly order a criminal record report. Once completed, notify us that you have submitted your digital fingerprints. We will invoice you and order 
Our high-speed service can provide you with a complete criminal history report within 1-2 weeks. We will notify you within 1-2 business days if you have no criminal record. To utilise this service, we require a digital copy of your fingerprints, which will be used to verify your criminal record status and obtain your full criminal history report. This report is necessary for a successful expungement application.

In order to have a successful expungement application, it is crucial to provide a copy of your criminal report as supporting documentation, which is the most important document required. A valid criminal report should contain at least two pages, providing a comprehensive account of your criminal history. Once we have evaluated your criminal report, we will offer you a free assessment and a quotation with no obligation to proceed further.

What does it cost to capture digital fingerprints?

The process of capturing your digital fingerprints is free of charge, and no appointment is necessary. All you need to do is request to have your digital fingerprints taken when you arrive, and be sure to bring a form of identification such as your ID, driver's license, or passport. After your fingerprints have been captured, there is no obligation to proceed any further.

Do I need to do this only once?

The process of capturing your digital fingerprints is free and only needs to be done once. Once your fingerprints have been captured, you won't need to have them taken again for any future criminal checks. Additionally, if needed, you'll be able to perform your own criminal background check online at any time in the future, from anywhere in the world.

What happens after I have captured my digital fingerprints?

Once you've captured your digital fingerprints you must notify us at so that we may invoice you and order a new criminal record check on our system. You only need to capture your fingerprints once. 

What is there is no fingerprint capture partner near me?

You will need to attend your nearest police station to have your fingerprints taken. the form should then be sent to us to apply for a police clearance certificate at the SAPS Criminal Record Centre.

If you are outside South Africa, you can download the form and attend any foreign police station to have your fingerprints taken.

The form should be couriered to our offices. 

What about my personal information.

Your information is kept secure in line with privacy legislation. You can at any time request our Capture Partner to remove your information.