Here are several benefits to having a criminal record expunged. The most frequent reasons to expunge criminal records:


Having a criminal record expunged can help avoid the barriers to employment that many convicted individuals face. An expunged record will keep most employers from having access to this information if they run a criminal background check. However, if the defendant is seeking employment with the federal government or law enforcement, they can expect this information to be still accessible to these agencies.

Renting property: 

Landlords may also run background checks, which can cause a person not to be able to rent a property and live in a decent area. An expunged record can help eliminate this information from view.

Social Reasons

Many free and low-cost resources allow a person to check on the criminal convictions of other individuals by typing in some basic information about a person. Having the record expunged can minimise the impact that the conviction has on a person’s friendships, family relationships and relationships with the community. 


Young people make many expungement requests with a juvenile record due to misjudgements made during their youth. Having a criminal record expunged may prevent academic institutions and professional bodies from seeing this damaging information.